Magento – Error while sending query packet

[aMiSTACX Magento 2.1.x] Should you have an aMiSTACX AMI Magento release prior to v1.3 you may encounter an error while running a backup within the Magento Admin Console.

Error while sending QUERY packet [PID] in /var/www/magento/vendor/magento/zendframework1/library/Zend/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 228

To resolve:

Use SSH CLI or WinSCP to edit the MySQL Global Configuration File.

SSH CLI shown:

sudo nano /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

Increase the value of wait timeout from 20 to 300

wait_timeout = 300

Save file

Restart MySQL service

sudo service mysql restart

You are now good to go!

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