Windows 2012 AWS Utility Server w/ phpMyadmin

Windows (TM) 2012 R2 with phpMyadmin 5.x. will help you connect with your AWS database RDS instance in minutes. Save hours in trying to figure out how to connect to your RDS database. 

Our supported stack also includes: IIS 8.5, MySQL CLI, MySQL Workbench, FireFox, Chrome, PHP Manager, PHP 7.3.13, Notepad2, WinRar [Trial version], WinSCP, Putty, GIT, IDE phpStorm [30-day Trial Version]

Perfect for use with our RDS stacks for WordPress and Magento and as the foundation for a secure development platform. 

Perfect to use as a database migration and import to RDS tool.

Sizing notes: 
t-small – perfect for initial setups and for small RDS imports of less than 50MB
t-medium – Recommended for database migrations of 50MB-400MB
t-large – Recommended to cut import time down and to handle larger data migrations.