AWS Increase EC2 Volume Size

How to Pump up your EC2 Volume.

Most of our aMi STACX EC2 Linux stacks start off with root volumes between 8 – 10GB, this is to save you money.

Obviously as your business grows, at some point you’ll just need more space. Luckily Amazon AWS makes this a very easy process! Although it is extremely easy to go up in size, and very difficult to go down in size. So we’ll outline some tips here to keep you going in the right direction.

Step 1. – Be smart and make a FULL image of your EC2 server before you begin, and keep it. As you may need this base image in the future should you need a smaller size for any reason.

Step 2. You can do this while your EC2 is running or in a stopped state; however, the process will not complete until the instance volume is not in use. So it is recommended you stop the instance before starting the modify process.

Within the EC2 main AWS console, navigate the left-hand menu to the volumes section. Then from the list of active volumes, select the volume you want to modify. Should you have a lot of volumes, you can identify the instance the volume is attached to by the EC2 ID.

Step 3. After selecting the volume to modify, click the “Actions” menu, and then select “Modify”.

Step 4. Select the size you want to increase to. Remember only increase to what you really need, or a calculated future point. As this can get very expensive!

Step 5. You’ll get information prompts of what to do next, but with our aMi STACX AMIs there is really nothing to do. You just only have to wait for the modification process to complete. The AWS console will provide a status report in %percent% complete.

Step 6. You can quickly verify your new pumped up volume, by SSH to CLI and running:

~$: df

You’ll get an output like this. You just need to identify the root volume, which will look something like: /dev/xvda1

Check our video for an overview of the entire process.


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