AWS AMI Turnkey App Stacks

Turnkey AWS Marketplace AMI

Turnkey AWS Application Stacks

Providing Amazon AWS Marketplace EC2 turnkey AMI stacks to developers, and providing Amazon AWS managed hosting solutions for business owners. aMi STACX will get you up and running fast!

Why waste precious time figuring out how to build and configure an application stack when you can use our turnkey AMI solution [includes support] at a very reasonable cost. With rates starting as low as .03 cents per hour.

With our managed Amazon AWS EC2 hosting solutions [including support] for Matomo analytics, Magento, Laravel, and WordPress you’ll get world-class AWS* scalable infrastructure, a turnkey website, and managed aMi STACX support.

*AWS Infrastructure Pricing Separate - New customers may be eligible for Amazon's Free Tier

aMi STACX and Amazon AWS

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Turn-Key Matomo AWS AMI

Turnkey Matomo AMI

With one-click you can have a fully hosted and managed Matomo AWS EC2 instance up and running in about 5 minutes. Spend more time tracking your vistors!

Magento Managed Hosted Solutions

DIY or Managed Magento Hosting

We'll install and configure your Magento 2 AMI application stack, or you can do it yourself. Either way we are available to assist.

WordPress AWS Cloud Solutions

Wordpress Scalable Solutions

Amazon's world-class hosting infrastructure is ready when you are. Start your e-commerce store small and we can help you scale to HUGE in minutes.

Turn-Key AMI Ubuntu LAMP Stack

Ubuntu LAMP Stacks

With one-click you can have the latest and fastest Ubuntu LAMP stack! Featuring Apache 2.4.x + MySQL 5.7 + PHP7.x

NodeJS Developer Application Stack

NodeJS Development Stack

You need to spend your time developing your next application. Why waste time getting a NodeJS stack running when we can provide one for you for as little as .03 per hour!

Blockchain Wallet API

Blockchain Wallet Services API

Getting a Blockchain Wallet API running is a trick! We know ;-) Let us deliver a working LAMP stack w/ Blockchain-wallet-service to you in minutes.

Turn-Key WordPress + WooCommerce

WordPress + WooCommerce

With one-click you can have the convenience of WordPress and a WooCommerce e-commerce solution ready to go in minutes!

Laravel Developer Application Stack

Laravel Development Stack

You need to spend your time developing your next application, not messing around with getting an application stack working.

Turnkey NGINX LEMP Stack on AWS


With one-click you can have the latest and fastest Ubuntu LEMP stack! Featuring NGINX 1.10.3+ and MySQL 5.7 + PHP7.x. We have our LEMP stack also available for Magento and WordPress!

aMi STACX - TurnKey Coinbase v2 API

Coinbase Stack

The Coinbase (TM) API makes it easy to integrate bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and ethereum into both new and existing applications.

aMi STACX - Windows WIMP and IIS stacks

Windows WIMP Stack & More+

Windows 2012 R2 + IIS 8.5 + MySQL 5.7 + PHP 7.1.x = WIMP stack. A great starting point to get up and running quickly!

aMi STACX - Turnkey MEAN LAMP Stack on AWS

MEAN Stack

Our new MEAN stack with MongoDB 3.6.2 and NPM 5.6.0 on an Ubuntu LAMP. Preconfigured with MEAN.js sample application.