What is AWS?

Providing Amazon AWS Marketplace EC2 turnkey AMI application stacks to developers, administrators, and agencies. Why waste precious time figuring out how to build and configure an application stack when you can use our turnkey AMI solutions [includes server support] at a very reasonable price. Pay-as-you-go and starting at .03 cents per hour!
Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

With our managed Amazon AWS EC2 hosting solutions [including support] you’ll get world-class AWS scalable infrastructure, a turnkey stack, and premium aMi STACX support.

Reduce Costs

With our turnkey stacks you can have Magento, WordPress, Cryptos, MEAN, Laravel, LAMPs, LEMPS, Matomo Analytics, and Windows deployed in minutes!


All of are stacks are built with the ethos anchored in performance and simplicity. Our stacks not only just work, but are also easy to manage. Plus you have 100% freedom over your stack.

 Our Story

Our Story

Founded in mid-2017 after experiencing frustration with the leading brand's AWS turnkey free Piwik stack that took so many hours just to get to work [with bugs] that it was later decided that it would be faster to build the entire solution from scratch. [What we ended up doing.]

We realized after the amount of time wasted, we would have rather have paid for a turnkey solution that just worked - thus aMiSTACX was born.

We now have over 30 stacks available on AWS Marketplace, and thanks to our customers that appreciate the same "It just works!" our stacks are now in use in over 40 countries!

Our Team

Lead by IT industry veteran, our stacks go through numerous quality control checks and are engineered to achieve high quality scores from Pingdom, Google Insights, Bitcatcha, and GTmetrix.
Andrew Incorvia
Andrew Incorvia
Founder & CEO

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