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WordPress WooCommerce Case Study w/ modernfurniturepro.com

Increase Performance for Magento & WordPress Migrating to aMiSTACX

Vijay, owner of modernfurniturepro.com [MFP] first reached out to aMiSTACX in early September asking for help with a migration of Magento [vitoitalia.com] to aMiSTACX on AWS.

Pleased with the results on that project he requested another migration from “So Slow Hosting” to aMiSTACX on AWS.



After years of developers not following best practices, “So Slow Hosting” non-optimized servers, and an accumulation of WordPress plugins trying to increase speed resulted in a bloated MFP with over 20GB of data, and load times between 17-22 seconds. Server manageability was absent as plugins stopped working, and even the BackupBuddy plugin failed to function. In short it was a mess!

This was no walk-in-the-park WordPress WooCommerce migration by any means. Feeling a little like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares when I surveyed the environment, I knew this wasn’t going to take a few hours as I originally quoted. I felt it would take more than a day’s worth of effort.

First issue was how to get the data? Now keep in perspective I have done dozens of migrations from all types of hosting companies, but few were over 20GB. [When in fact the actual data was only 4GB] I couldn’t zip or tar, because they weren’t available, and also the server was out of space. BackupBuddy failed, and the last successful backup was more than a month old.

Everywhere I went the were old backups, old plugins, old cache folders, and test data upon test data. [I could feel Vijay’s frustration.] He was tired of throwing good money after bad practices, and after the success with his Magento move, he knew it was time to abandon ship 100% from “So Slow Hosting”.



aMiSTACX prides itself with solutions that just work, and we love to eat our own dogfood as they say in tech. To solve the data transfer problem, first thing I did was spin up our aMiSTACX Windows Utility Server in his new AWS zone.

Then I cleaned up all of the low hanging fruit of old mysql dumps, backup files, test files, caching plugins, logs, and just about everything I could find except his real WordPress / WooCommerce data.

At this point, his source footprint was a manageable 4-5GB so I proceeded to migrate using a simple drag-n-drop GUI SFTP file transfer from WinSCP to the Windows Utility server. The Windows server is a godsend as it is all preconfigured with phpMyadmin, WinSCP and Putty. All the tools you need for a successful migration, and all available in a few minutes through AWS Marketplace.

It took more than an hour to transfer the files, but once on the Windows server I knew I was now in workable familiar territory. I immediately zipped the files to an archive, and started the upload process to Vijay’s new aMiSTACX WordPress F1 G3 server.

At the time of this article, our F1 G3 for WordPress is the latest and greatest stack we have for WordPress and WooCommerce. It features lots of goodies such as HTTP2, PageSpeed for Apache, Vhost Object Caching, PHP 7.2 and 7.3, FPM & Opcache and so much more.

After another hour of uploading, unzipping, and initial server configuration, it was time to get down to business.

Tip! Here is how to migrate DYI to aMiSTACX on AWS.

Knowing I could do more with less on aMiSTACX, we started him off on a T2-Small. Now in my neck of the woods everything fell into place quickly. Cloudflare was up, Let’s Encrypt handled the HTTPS, and I cleaned up old data out of the .htaccess file. Before long the site had life again, and was much much faster, and that was readily apparent.

Then I went to work on deleting or disabling any plugin that wasn’t a core function. There were a few initial problems with references to old code and a CPANEL [aMiSTACX doesn’t use CPANEL], but those issues were quickly resolved. A fresh backup when finished, and Vijay was back in business.


The Transformation:

Vijay was ecstatic with the speed and stability, and everything started to work again! [In gratitude, he even offered to help us source furniture and leverage his 20+ years of experience in the business :D]

He was planning to have his dev start work on some fixes and features. So as a bonus, I told him I would love to set up a proper development environment for him for Free. Already his developer was having issues SSH’ing into the new environment, and having the RDP server eliminated all of that.

The new Windows dev server would help bring security, standardization, and security to ALL of his development projects. Plus aMiSTACX has certified developers that are accustomed and trained in these standardized environments, so it makes starting a new dev project a breeze.

Vijay already had the Windows Utility Server running, and since this happens to be the core to our RDP Dev platform, then it only took about 40 minutes to transform it into his new dev environment. I loaded phpStorm, sync’d to the production server [ideally you want a separate dev server w/ GIT], created some contractor accounts, and passed all of the info to Vijay. [Truly he was amazed at the whole process.]

Next, I strongly recommended one of our developers to take over any post related fixes or enhancements. He took us up on the offer, and our dev Kseniia started work the very next day using the new dev environment.

aMiSTACX Case Study Modernfurniturepro.com Sofa Page

The Results:

Better – Stronger – Faster!

Speeds tests on both Pingdom and GTMetrix saw his homepage times drop to about 3-5 seconds. [Mind you he is loading almost 5MB of media.] The subpages just flew, database query results were almost instant, and any media image clicked also loaded almost instantaneously. [Keep in perspective this is 100% server. All WordPress related speed plugins were deleted.]

The server was stable and all functions resumed expected behavior.  Vijay was bit by the performance bug, and already was inquiring for more. “Yes! We can make it even faster”, I said. We can introduce load balancing, auto scaling, and AWS RDS.  But first I recommend waiting for our new S3 plugin for WordPress, and catching up on some of his dev work before proceeding.

All-in-all his two migrations were a success, and he is very satisfied with aMiSTACX performance and our customer service.

WordPress Hosting and Migration Feedback for aMiSTACX - modernfurniturepro.com

I’m glad he is happy, and I have to say he has some awesome looking furniture that you need to check out!

~ Lead Robot


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