E-commerce High Availability & Recovery

What would be the cost to your business if your e-commerce site crashed? Experienced a hack or malware? What does the time for an expert technical response cost your business? What does a downed site cost your business – hundreds or even thousands per hour?

aMiSTACX designs, develops, and deploys bulletproof high performance systems for e-commerce.

Performance Hosting

All of our stacks are designed for performance. We also have several Premium stacks that have additional performance features for specific CMS products like WordPress ® and Magento ®. Extending their capabilities while offering turnkey deployment, and lifetime module support. [How annoying is it to keep having to renew support for plugins or modules?]

We have several of our clients that have load times in milliseconds, and have capabilities of managing up to a million catalog items [Magento] while keeping load times under two seconds.

Amazing Knowledgeable Support

Even though we are a Do-It-Yourself [DIY] platform, we still offer amazing knowledgeable support. We know our stacks inside and out, and most of the how-to-dos are posted in our KB, in the stack admin guides, and with our bot. And even when not found, you can reach out to our engineers, and expect an answer that will at least steer you in the right direction. Just read our reviews on AWS Marketplace. One item that comes up a lot is the appreciation of support.


Who do you want to be handling your confidential data? A company in some far off land running out of an Internet Cafe, and/or providing support with unknown resources?  Who is viewing your data and from where? On their local laptop?

  • aMiSTACX is AWS GovCloud approved.
  • All of our development projects are run from a secure AWS development cloud environment!

All Inclusive Pay-as-You-Go

All of our homegrown themes and performance modules offer hassle-free auto-licensing. No more license numbers to keep track of, or support that needs to be continually renewed.

  • All of our modules are supported for life!
  • Receive free upgrades and new features all along the way.
  • All included in your pay-as-you-go AWS Marketplace subscription.
  • All aMiSTACX have access to Area 51.

AWS Management

How will you manage your AWS infrastructure? By installing some server-side webpanel? Might as well use a dial-up modem and Netscape Navigator to manage your servers.

  • aMiSTACX now offers Area 51 [A51] advanced tactical AWS management dashboards.

About aMiSTACX

We package, provision, and support our 50+ stacks in over 45 countries. Founded with the goals of providing premium highly-available scalable solutions for small business and enterprise that are simple to use, reliable, high-performance, and all within affordability.

aMiSTACX is lead by a founder with over 20+ years of senior IT and C-level executive experience that has worked for the top financial institutions in the world. Your data and IP are considered yours and it needs to stay that way.

aMiSTACX is your e-commerce insurance policy. We are not the cheapest, but we aim to be the best!

We expect and deliver a 5-star service with our mantra – Better – Stronger – Faster, and mixed with Alien Technology. 

Magento ® is a trademark of Magento Inc.

WordPress ® is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation.