We package, provision, and support our 30+ stacks in over 40 countries. Founded with the goals of providing premium highly-available scalable solutions for small business and enterprise that are simple to use, reliable, high-performance, and all within affordability.

Our engineers and support staff are ALL USA based, and we are also AWS GovWeb approved.

Ask yourself, who do you want to be handling your confidential data? A company in some far off land running out of an Internet Cafe, and/or providing support with unknown sources?  Who is viewing your data and from where?

On AWS Marketplace who is the face behind their logo? Does support just mean a public forum with hopes of finding an answer?

aMiSTACX is lead by a founder with over 20 years senior IT and C-level executive experience that has worked for the top financial institutions in the world. Your data and IP are considered yours and it needs to stay that way.

All of our development projects are also run from a secure development AWS cloud environment.

We expect and deliver a 5-star service with our mantra – Better – Stronger – Faster!

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