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WordPress WooCommerce Case Study – New Site – New Idea

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, owner of, Jolie & Gerri, approached aMiSTACX wanting to know just about everything on how to start an online ecommerce business. has an interesting story to tell. Not only is it a revolutionary new device in the huge anti-aging market, but the fact that it was discovered by a mother of two in her early 50s puts everything into perspective on many levels.

It is awesome when you come across entrepreneurs at any stage of their lives, but sometimes some of the best ideas come across by those that are discounted as fresh and trendy by age. You wouldn’t say that to Ray Kroc [McDonald’s], Colonel Harland David Sanders [Kentucky Fried Chicken], or modern day Sara Treleaven Blakely [Spanx]. Colossal empires all have built.

It can be a frightening experience translating an idea into a workable product, and then taking the next step as how to build an online store. Sure you can turn to many “So-Called” turnkey stores like Shopify, but end up in customer service hell with all of the questions “How do I?” endlessly non-answered in emailed exchanges and linked chats without fully getting the customer service that truly makes the end customer [you] feel connected and knowledgeable about your store.

Well that all ends when you reach out to aMiSTACX! We know what you need and how to do it – end-to-end; as we are entrepreneurs at heart, and we love to teach a little along the way.

What you really want and need is Simplicity – Manageability – Performance. 100% designed for do-it-yourself hosting, yet experts to turn to when you have questions.

Step 1. Everything is OK, no problem, we won’t break your budget!

aMiSTACX design engineers selected WordPress w/ WooCOmmerce over Magento, because the amount of SKUs would be less than 10. J&G needed something simple – fast – and uncomplicated. Our F1 WordPress WooCommerce stack fit that bill.

[Using one of our turnkey WordPress WooCommerce stacks had up and running in less than 4 minutes.]

Step 2. Our Design Team

Selecting a couple of our designated certified contractors we quickly created a simple but fluent responsive store based upon J&G’s design mockups. Jolie selected the Ashe theme by WP Royal, and then we transformed it into a light-weight minimal product theme.

aMiSTACX went with PayPal Business for payment processing. For all that it is worth, WooCommerce + PayPal Business is a very simple, and yet economical way to launch your business. That is the truth through experience! You don’t even need WooCommerce’s jetpack. That can come later when you can justify the requirement and the expense.

Step 3. Connecting the Dots

With stack selected, design in place, all that was required now was to put all of the pieces together, and show the new store owners how it all works. Tight and Moist Serum

Step 4. Sandbox Results

aMiSTACX set up the PayPal sandbox, and we had Jolie run through some test orders so she can understand the overall checkout process, better grasp fulfillment requirements, and provide us feedback. Through this process it was decided that J&G would leverage PayPal’s label and postage option.

Step 5. The Product Speaks

No Speed Plugins, No developer speed editing, just an aMiSTACX t2-small AWS performance server and a great minimalist design.

Jolie & Gerri are excited by the outcome! For less than < $480 USD they put all of their dreams into a real and workable custom solution.

The sky’s the limit as we like to say!

Better – Stronger – Faster!   & looking younger 😉 


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