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Odoo 12 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

aMiSTACX new G4 Performance stack for Odoo 12 Community

June 2019, aMiSTACX is pleased to announce availability our G4 performance stacks for Odoo 12 Community:

* wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 for Ubuntu 18
* Apache and NGINX reverse proxy vhost templates #Means you can reach your Odoo like this
* Odoo 12 CE 5 minute deployment through AWS Marketplace
* PHP 7.3
* Extras such as Redis

Many are now using Odoo for use with Magento, and we have tested this setup with Magento 2.3.1 and Odoo 12 Enterprise w/ an Odoo/Magento bridge connector module.

Overall a great performance stack for experienced Odoo developers and admins, and good for those beginners with the patience to learn with.

Note: This stack is designed and designated for experts in Linux/Apache and of course Odoo.

Video is an overview of the Odoo 12 deployment on AWS using an aMiSTACX G4 LAMP:


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