Matomo (Piwik)


Turnkey Matomo Analytics

We provide turnkey supported Matomo ® Analytics scalable cloud solutions for Amazon AWS. Matomo is the #1 Free Web & mobile analytics software platform, and is a very flexible web Analytics solution: very intuitive dashboard, your data is yours and private [not mined], elimination of spam, and even works in China.

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Note: Piwik changed their name to Matomo in January 2018.

Click an AWS Marketplace AMI Matomo application stack and deploy. It’s that simple! We’ll even assist you with the deployment. Our stacks start as little as .03 hr, pay as you go, stop any time. We continue to improve our stacks all the time – Better – Stronger – Faster!


Piwik® and Matomo ® are Internationally Registered Trademarks.


With one-click you can have a fully hosted and managed Matomo AWS EC2 instance up and running in about 5 minutes. Spend more time analyzing your visitor traffic than being concerned about your hosting infrastructure!

*You can upgrade to latest release after install.

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$ .03 hr.