Magento 2.2.x F1X LEMP vs. LAMP

Above screenshot shows LAMP Pingdom Test.]

We tested our new optimized Magento F1X LEMP vs. our standard Magento LAMP stack for Magento 2.2 Both are excellent starting points for scoring high speed and quality numbers on GTMetrix, Google Insights, and Bitcatcha. Although each stack series should match your skill and experience level.

Tests clearly show that our NGINX F1X LEMP stack is faster, but with the speed comes a higher level of complexity. Whereas working with an Apache LAMP is just tried and true, and just has a feeling of cruise control.

The following Magento 2.2.1 tests* were taken on almost identical stacks with the exception of the web engine. It is fair to note that the LEMP stack does employ HTTPS and GZip compression whereas the Apache stacks does not.

As you can see, the F1X LEMP stack does edge out our LAMP stack by about 100-150 milliseconds in each Geo test.

LAMP     F1X

SJC   542         359

NY    395         296

EU    741         376

*Magento LUMA theme with sample data. All tests were the best out of three and are rated in milliseconds.


Updated August 2018: Our new Apache Magento 2.2.5+ stacks are now just as fast as their LEMP peers, and do not have issues with the Magento Admin console as observed with LEMP stacks. Plus, all of our production servers running Magento use Apache.

We still provide the LEMP stacks for those that need to test and development on such such systems, but recommend for production systems to go with the Apache version. Ultimately the choice is up to you.

Better – Stronger – Faster!

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