S3Sonic Database Read Replicas

High Availability DB Read Replicas for Magento

AWS MySQL / Aurora Read Replicas for Magento

As part of our S3 Titanium Series for Magento, and to compliment our S3Rocket S3 auto scale module, we have released our S3Sonic Module to offer easy on-the-fly RDS Read Replica provisioning.

This new HA module will allow the configuration and use of AWS Database Read Replicas from the Magento 2.2.5+ admin console. Read Replicas allow offloading database queries from the master DB, and then distribution among the AWS MySQL/Aurora read replicas. Overall this type of configuration will increase throughput, performance, and add DB redundancy.

Additionally, should the master database go offline for any reason, a read replica can simply be promoted to the new read/write Master in a few minutes, and all without data loss.

aMiSTACX Magento 2 AWS RDS Read Replicas S3Sonic

Used in conjunction with our S3Rocket module, and an AWS auto scale group, your Magento 2.2.x implementation will be bulletproof.  That’s why we call it our S3 Titanium series.

Video of Magento aMiSTACX Modules S3Rocket and S3Sonic w/ RDS and AWS Auto Scale

Better – Stronger – Faster!

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