AWS Turnkey NGINX LEMP Stack

Our next Gen High Performance F1X stack series for Ubuntu with NGINX ® and AWS Caching services.

By leveraging AWS S3, RDS, CDNs CloudFront or CloudFlare, these stacks offer excellent performance!

Speedscores with this Live Demo using WordPress:

* Pingdom 91

* Google 90

* GTMetrix 95+

* BitCatcha A+

We provide TurnKey Ubuntu NGINX LEMP scalable developer application stack solutions on Amazon AWS. Pick your LEMP and deploy. It’s that simple!

We’ll even assist you with the deployment. Our stacks start as little as .03 cents per hour, pay as you go, stop any time. We continue to improve our stacks all the time – better – stronger – faster!


Our WordPress aMi STACX F1X High Performance stack for WordPress 4.9.x leverages NGINX and AWS services such as S3, and CDNs AWS Cloudfront or CloudFlare.

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$ .03 hr.

For advanced users: Our new supported WordPress (TM) F1X high performance stack series. We took the best of our LEMP stack, and combined it with NGINX 1.10.3 + WordPress 4.9.5., PHP 7.1, AWS S3 and CloudFront for amazing speed while maintaining simplicity!

Extras: HTTP2, GZIP Compression, and Cache-Control Headers!

Our new F1X High Performance stack for Magento 2.2.1. With one-click you can have your Ubuntu Magento NGINX LEMP AWS EC2 instance up and running in less than a minute.

F1X vs. LAMP

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$ .03 hr.