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Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader causing JavaScript issues

We couldn’t confirm this officially from Cloudflare’s site, but we did find another company having the same issue as we were with Area 51’s Dashboard Buttons.

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CloudFlare has recently (on January 30th, 2019) updated their RocketLoader and it seems to be effecting all JavaScript inline onClick, onKeyPress, onChange, onAnything events. The RocketLoader is placing additional code on those events that may break website functions. The issue is a new CloudFlare variable that needs to be introduced, __cfRLUnblockHandlers. Pages should contain a variable declaration of __cfRLUnblockHandlers to indicate the skip of additional checks by RocketLoader.
It is advised to check all your websites because this seems to be effecting all pages that goes through CloudFlare with RocketLoader enabled. Simply add a JavaScript variable on the pages that seemed to be effected, pages that contain onClick, onKeyPress, onChange, onAnything JavaScript events: var __cfRLUnblockHandlers = 1 ;

As many know we do recommend and use Cloudflare for our CDN, and it is odd not to find this service alert on their site. We will post this alert on Area 51 to alert all of our customers.

Tip! If you are having issues and need an immediate fix. Just turn Rocket Loader off from the Cloudflare admin panel 😉

~ Lead_Robot

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