Ubuntu 18.04 LTS : aMiSTACX G4 Dev LAP

Developer’s stack. Leverage Amazon’s Free AWS tier for Ubuntu to the Max! Do more with less. Setting up your Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server to use RDS as this off loads the database service to another dedicated instance. This frees up, space, memory, and CPU! Plus EC2 & RDS t2-micros qualify for free tier usage.

This is a perfect starting point to deploy frameworks and php scripts such as Yii.

Our latest stack: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, Apache 2.4.43, MySQL Client [MySQL 8 Compatible] Redis 4.0.9, PHP 5.6.x – PHP 7.4.x FPM and Opcache enabled! CloudFlare aware, and Lets Encrypt SSL pre-configured.

Extras: Redis Caching, HTTP2, vhost object caching, Area 51 Dashboards, EC2 Classes T2, T3, C5, M5.

NOTE: For database function, we recommend using AWS RDS for this stack. Should you require a LAMP/LEMP server, please use our aMiSTACX designed stacks for LAMP/LEMP.

NOTE: Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System version 4.4+ Yii Script works with this LAP + RDS.