Elasticsearch 6.8.5 : aMiSTACX G4 LAP

Expert Series: Our aMiSTACX G4 LAP for Elasticsearch (TM) 6.8.5 is the perfect combination to extend Magento’s (TM) search engine while offering performance and scalability of a separate server to handle the process. Turnkey and ready to go with any of our approved designated ES stacks for Magento.

Stack features: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, Apache 2.4.41, Elasticsearch 6.8.5, Redis 4.0.9, PHP 7.3.x – PHP 7.4, FPM and Opcache enabled. Apache PageSpeed, Cloudflare CDN aware, and Lets Encrypt SSL pre-configured.

Extras: Area 51 Dashboards, Optimized for t3-medium, PHP 7.4, Elasticsearch plugins for use w/ Magento,

Note: Swap file is off for performance, and https reverse proxy is up to the end user to implement.

Note: We DO NOT support the ElasticSuite client by Smile that is available for download on GitHub. This module for Magento makes use of the Elasticsearch engine. It has a tracking trigger process [Ping Back] that may not be in compliance with GDRP, and the now in effect as of January 1st, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act [CCPA].

Elasticsearch (TM) is a trademark of Elasticsearch B.V.
Magento (TM) is a trademark of Magento Inc