Beta Module Program for Magento 2

September 22, 2019 : Looking for a few Beta Testers for our new One Page Checkout called “Nail the Sale”, and our new module that works with Matomo called Trak. Should you have interest, please be on our G4 S3 Titanium stack for Magento and be on a 2.3.x version. Contact us. Thanks!

New Weapons for your Business

Our Beta program will allow a few lucky Magento aMiSTACX customers to test, and offer design feedback for our new performance modules:

* S3Rocket Multi [Designed for Multiple Magento Stores]
* PDFDelta [A Dynamic PDF Catalog w/ QR Codes]
* Orbital [ A GEO IP Store Switcher]
* Nail the Sale [One Page Checkout]
* Trak [Matomo ecommerce plugin w/ Abandon Cart Email]

Why pay for modules when you can test them for free? Be part of the design and feedback loop 😀

Program Restrictions

* Only about 1-5 customers allowed per module.
* Preference to customers that have used aMiSTACX in a consultancy relationship.
* Limited to aMiSTACX G4 S3 Titanium stacks
* Limited to specific EC2 per whitelisting

Contact support to participate, and make sure you monitor the alerts on Area 51 and frequently check our status page for updates and announcements.

~ Lead_Robot

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