AWS AMI Benefits

What is an AMI? An AMI is an Amazon Machine Image. These images can be used to pre-configure web and application software stacks. The AMIs I’ll be pointing out are the ones that are offered on AWS Marketplace. The benefits of AMIs are many! Think about how much time you may spend getting an application working correctly, and maintaining an application stack. Time in most circumstances relates to money and or equates to stress and frustration. Think of AMIs in the context of the convenience of fast food or dinning out in a franchised format like McDonalds.

Define your scenario to understand how an AMI can work for you!

Scenario 1: You are a web development professional or agency. You derive revenue from developing custom solutions on frameworks like WordPress, Magento, or Laravel.
Offloading the infrastructure and complexity of the underlying application stack – either a LAMP/LEMP or RDS Edition stack would benefit you and your clients. The client gets a professionally managed application stack for just pennies per hour, and you no longer have to be concerned about databases, firewalls, scaling, Linux, Windows, and everything else tied below the CMS application.

Scenario 2: Demos. You have prospective clients that you need to showcase a proof of concept or prototype quickly in order to win the job. You do not have time to fool around building application stacks – and you don’t want to be obligated to pay a monthly subscription. You just want to click-and-go. Maybe use the software for a few hours, and then you are done!

Real world example: AWS Free-Tier t2-micro running aMiSTACX for three hours will cost you about .09 cents! That’s right, nine cents! That will take under five minutes of your time to get up and running. How can you beat that? As a bonus, you have expert support should you have a question about performance or a configuration.

Scenario 3: Production Web Hosting. You may have your own development team, or want to hire an independent one to work on your project. Using an aMiSTACX stack will get you AWS EC2 server support. So you have someone to turn to with specific questions pertaining to scalability, security concerns, best practices, backups, or you have enough knowledge to DIY, but it feels great to have a backup source for help.

Scenario 4: Development. Why pay monthly hosting fees when you only need your development project for a week or two. In this situation, an AWS AMI from aMiSTACX is the perfect companion with a production environment. Pay-as-you-go! Whatever your scenario, it makes sense to use an application stack from aMiSTACX.

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