A51 AWS Management Dashboard

Area 51 AWS Management Console

Manage AWS Resources & Reduce Costs with aMiSTACX

Shhhhh. Our new Area 51 [A51] Management panel for AWS resources is in Beta testing. What is A51?

You will be able to manage all of your aMiSTACX resources and RDS instances from a single management dashboard!

All included with the use of any aMiSTACX server.


  • Manage & Schedule aMiSTACX AWS EC2 Power Cycles
  • Manage & Schedule AWS Backups
  • Manage AWS RDS
  • Manage AWS Security Groups
  • Manage Multiple AWS Accounts and more.

This A51 video is just the pre-beta sneak peek.


Better – Stronger – Faster and mixed with Alien Technology

Release date ~ Oct. 2018