A51 AWS Management Dashboard

Area 51 AWS Management Console

Manage AWS Resources & Reduce Costs with aMiSTACX

Important! ALL aMiSTACX Customers, please register and make use of A51. It will allow aMiSTACX to send you important alerts about your stacks directly to your A51 dashboard. [AWS does not provide a direct contact mechanism.]

Note: To use Area 51, you must first become an aMiSTACX AWS subscriber. Then it takes between 24-48 hrs before you can register.

Our new Area 51 [A51] Management panel for AWS resources is now available to ALL aMiSTACX customers in basic format included with your aMiSTACX AWS pay-as-you-go subscription.

What is Area 51? You will be able to potentially manage all of your aMiSTACX resources, non-aMiSTACX EC2s, and RDS instances from a single management dashboard!

Some of the features:

  • Manage & Schedule aMiSTACX AWS EC2 Power Cycles
  • Manage non-aMiSTACX EC2s [Pro Subscription Required]
  • Manage & Schedule AWS Backups/Restores
  • Trigger Instant Backups
  • Manage AWS RDS
  • Manage AWS Security Groups
  • Manage AWS Instance Types
  • Advanced CloudWatch Monitoring
  • Manage Multiple AWS Accounts
  • Invite Team Members
  • Receive important stack notifications, and important system announcements.
  • SMS Notifications
  • Team SMS Direct Messages
    more more & more…

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aMiSTACX - Area 51 AWS Management

Image: Main A51 Dashboard

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