aMiSTACX S3Rocket Magento Configuration Tips

aMiSTACX S3Rocket Magento Configuration and Performance Tips

July 2018 – With the release of our new S3Rocket Module for AWS S3, horizontal scaling is now possible when used in conjunction with RDS, an AWS Loadbalancer, and with an AWS auto scale group.

The module is designed and should be administered only by admins and developers with extensive knowledge of both Magento and AWS! [We are not kidding.] Magento is quirky enough, but when combined with S3 and a CDN such as Cloudflare, you need to bring your A game.

S3Rocket Custom S3 Domain

Tip 1 – If you selected the option to configure a custom domain for your S3 name resolution, then here are some useful tips: Use a different domain than your root domain! And I do NOT mean a subdomain.

e.g. [root] and [S3]

This will help quality scores improve as you will not be serving S3 content from a domain that sets cookies.

Fixing: Serve the following static resources from a domain that doesn’t set cookies:

You cannot disable cookies on resources served through Cloudflare. While some speed recommendations will suggest eliminating cookies for static resources, the performance implications are extremely minimal. Cloudflare cookies are also required so security features work properly.

Tip 2 – You need to have Cloudflare S3 CNAME set to CDN ON [Organge Cloud]. If you do not, then you will get mixed content warnings. Also make sure the S3 domain that Cloudflare is using has the Cloudflare SSL set to FULL.

Tip 3 – Very Important! Wait about 15-30 minutes for Cloudflare to kick in before you upload any Magento media content; otherwise, you will get certificate warnings. For example, say Magento sets a path to a media image that looks like this:

But when Cloudflare CDN has not fully propagated, you will get served a URL that looks like this:

Plus you will get a certificate warnings.

Paying attention to details and making sure you follow your aMiSTACX admin guide, and of course your own experience, will help make sure your deployment is successful.

Video of Magento aMiSTACX Modules S3Rocket and S3Sonic w/ RDS and AWS Auto Scale

Better – Stronger – Faster!


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