aMiSTACX News - February 2019

aMiSTACX – Loving our February 2019 Releases

Love is in the air…

Whether you are smitten by Eros or just by aMiSTACX we have some really great releases planned for February.

February 22ndDeveloper Stack for Magento 2.2.7 – aMiSTACX G3

Cool new features like support for T3, C4, and M4 classes. ionCube loaders for PHP 7.1 – PHP 7.3. Qualifies for all of aMiSTACX Performance Modules 😉

February 6th – Magento 2.3.0 Multi-Store w/ S3 Titanium – aMiSTACX G4

The long awaited upgrade to our popular International Multi-Store Edition stack for Magento® 2. Our new stack will be an aMiSTACX G4 coupled with our S3 Titanium module [S3Rocket & S3Sonic], and AWS RDS MySQL deployment via CFT.

All ready to go via a 15 minutes and featuring Open Source Magento 2.3.0.

Windows WIMP Stack 1.1 – If you been waiting for this one to be yours, now you have your chance. This stack has been updated to with the latest versions of WinSCP, PHP 7.2.7, documentation, and all the security updates. A great starting stack for Windows® IIS deployments.

Love ME® Love Me not…

So many puns we could use about ME® it is just so hard to resist. This one is special, very special, and was the reason WSM, Inc. was founded and the history behind it all is HUGE. Yet we will save all of that for the book and the movie. For now let’s just take a peek of what ME is.

See – Click – Purchase from any Photo or Video with ME

Built originally on Yii, and then later adopted to the Magento 2 platform, we designed the new theme to be very Instagram-like with social media features. Additionally, you can click on any item in any photo or video – desktop [mobile has links], and you will be sent directly to the point of sale.

Magento and Shopify – Love and Marriage

Who said Magento and Shopify should be apart? With ME they are a match made in heaven.

Featuring, Sophy G. out of Dubai, a designer of luxury women’s apparel, SG’s store is 100% interactive with ME, and it’s all connected to SG’s Shopify store!

What? Yes! Sophy G’s ME® is running on Magento 2.3 and all of the links and even the cart are connected to her Shopify store.

[Try ME® here. Click on the Model’s hat, dress, or belt.]

All the convenience of a Shopify store, and all of the Freedom of Magento and ME

The ME stack for Magento provides:

  • Interactive Media
  • Improved SEO
  • Backlinks
  • An Interactive PDF Catalog
  • An Interactive WordPress Blog
  • Direct Point of Sale to Shopify
  • Youtube & Vimeo Integration [Interactive]
  • Social Media Functions
    and just so much more…

The Private Social Network

ME on the Medeuh network will be exclusive!

It will be either you are invited, or you are approved, but you just won’t be able to join. Sorry to be a heartbreaker :/

So if you are in the luxury fashion or lifestyle business, and you have interest in ME, please get our number.

51 Shades of Grey

If you are feeling a little mysterious – just love to watch and just be in control, then our new Area 51 features will help keep you at the edge.

In the works for February:

  • EC2 Instance Class Control
  • Cloudflare API Integration
  • AWS Cost Monitor
  • Security Group Management
  • Health Alerts with Advanced Monitoring
  • Dashboards UI Enhancements and more

Overall February should keep you smiling at all the wonders aMiSTACX can offer your business.

Better – Stronger – Faster! and loving Pink 💜


Magento® is a registered trademark of Magento, Inc.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
ME® is a registered trademark of White Square Media, Inc.

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