Yes! We offer professional development services for WordPress and Magento as long as the development takes place on our stack. The code is yours, but we want to make sure we are developing on a standardized and approved platform. This saves time and cost for everyone!
Yes! As long as the theme is approved with the aMi STACX, requires no customization during the install, we'll help you install it on an aMi STACX stack without charge.
Of course! You can migrate your code and data off of a stack at any time, and just stop your subscription.
Yes! Please contact support. We will first need to evaluate the migration conditions and determine cost and time.
Speed and security! Since your stack comes with step-by-step instructions and bundled support, we have found customers prefer a fast and secure website vs. one weighed down with process hooks.
Noooooooooooo! The default paths by the application companies of the stack are great! Keeping everything in original allows easy upgrades, documented, and easy to find.
No! The reason is the default Ubuntu OS is very secure. Also, hardening breaks installs, and typically slows down performance. We recommend using AWS security groups, ACLs, and firewalls whenever possible, and Cloud Application Firewalls that act as a global threat prevention service. CloudFlare.com and Dome9.com are great examples! Also Amazon's AWS Web Application Firewall [WAF] is a highly recommended service. All of these services offer great centralized management and global security protection.
Because they just work. We keep everything as simple as possible, using tools that we know will work, and then hand that off to you in a neat little package. And we keep improving our stacks all the time. Better Stronger Faster!